Sky High: Repairing and Restoring Your Roof
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Sky High: Repairing and Restoring Your Roof

Welcome to my blog, my name is Daisy. A few years ago, my husband and I purchased an old house which required a lot of work. We spent many weeks gutting the place and installing new flooring, painting the walls and clearing the garage space of junk. However, my favourite part of renovating the house was the roof. I loved climbing onto the roof to inspect the tiles, removing and recycling the broken ones and replacing the gaps with new tiles. I also learnt how to waterproof and maintain our roof so that we can avoid problems in the future. I started this blog to help others who are interested in carrying out restoration or repair work on the roof of their home.


Sky High: Repairing and Restoring Your Roof

Damaged Shingles: 3 Benefits of Re-Roofing Your Home

Hunter Prescott

Over time, the shingles on your roof can become brittle, making them ineffective at insulating and protecting your home against the weather. When this occurs, it can cause leaks and your home may get too hot or too cold. You may think that your only option is to have the shingles torn off and replaced. However, you could instead have your home re-roofed.

Re-roofing involves applying a new layer of shingles on top of the old shingles. The process of re-roofing offers many advantages over completely tearing off the old shingles. Below is a guide to the benefits of re-roofing your home.

Re-roofing reduces the cost

Re-roofing typically cost less than tearing off the shingles as the job can be completed at a greater speed, which reduces the cost of the labour. Costs are further reduced because the roofing company won't need to hire a skip and pay for the disposal of the old shingles since they will be left in place.

Re-roofing is environmentally friendly

Disposing of the old shingles after they have been torn from your roof is not only costly, and it can also have a very negative impact on the environment. As shingles begin to rot and break down within the earth, they can release toxins into the soil.

While shingles can be recycled, it requires lots of heat energy to melt down the asphalt, creating greenhouse gases that can damage the atmosphere. Re-roofing and covering the existing shingle roofing is more environmentally-friendly when compared to tearing the shingles off.

Re-roofing provides improved insulation

The insulation in your roof helps to trap heat within your home during the winter and keeps the indoor environment cool during the summer. By adding a new layer of shingles over the old layer, you create a second blanket of insulation on your home's roof. Even if the shingles are badly damaged, they will still offer increased insulation to ensure your home is comfortable. The additional layer of shingles will also help to reduce the cost of heating and cooling your property.

Your roof is a vital part of your home. If you are concerned about the condition of your roof and you would like further information about the benefits of re-roofing your home, contact a roofing company today. They will be able to inspect the condition of the shingles on your roof before advising you on the best course of action.