Sky High: Repairing and Restoring Your Roof
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Sky High: Repairing and Restoring Your Roof

Welcome to my blog, my name is Daisy. A few years ago, my husband and I purchased an old house which required a lot of work. We spent many weeks gutting the place and installing new flooring, painting the walls and clearing the garage space of junk. However, my favourite part of renovating the house was the roof. I loved climbing onto the roof to inspect the tiles, removing and recycling the broken ones and replacing the gaps with new tiles. I also learnt how to waterproof and maintain our roof so that we can avoid problems in the future. I started this blog to help others who are interested in carrying out restoration or repair work on the roof of their home.


Sky High: Repairing and Restoring Your Roof

Metal Roof Repairs: Glaring Signs You Need Them

Hunter Prescott

Metal roofing has always been a popular option for homeowners for an array of reasons. Primarily, metal roofing is quite hardy as well as durable. Therefore, you can be assured that your roofing will last you for a significant amount of time. Secondly, metal roofing is attractive as it is available in an assortment of colours and designs, ensuring that you will find metal roofing that will complement the kerb appeal of your residence. Nevertheless, metal roofing is not immune to wear and tear. Constant exposure to the elements will lead to the gradual degradation of your metal roofing. The key is to spot the signs of damage and address them before they get the chance to be aggravated. Below are some of the glaring signs that you need metal roof repairs.

Leaks have sprung in your metal roofing

One of the telltale signs that your metal roofing is in dire need of repairs is leaks that have sprung up. There are a number of reasons why your metal roofing may develop leaks. Firstly, leaks are common if the roof was installed improperly. Incorrect installation by amateurs will lead to gaps in the roof; thus, you will begin to notice leaks quite prematurely. Secondly, leaks will spring in your metal roofing if the fasteners have started to come loose. Since these fasteners are supposed to secure your metal roofing in place, it would be advisable to seek metal roof repairs from professionals post haste before it begins to succumb to other problems due to the missing fasteners.

Blow-offs on part of your metal roofing

Another symptom of improper installation of your metal roofing would be the presence of blow-offs. These are areas of your metal roofing that seem to come off whenever there is wind blowing. Typically, your metal roofing will become susceptible to blow-offs if the roof's flashing was not installed securely over time so the flashing comes loose, and this leads to gaps between the roof and the structure of the home. It would be prudent to hire roofers to remedy the damage by properly installing roof flashing and securing the metal roofing in place.

Rust has developed on your roofing

Granted, metal is susceptible to corrosion if it is exposed to moisture on a regular basis. Nevertheless, metal roofing is supposed to be sealed using a non-corrosive compound to protect it from developing rust despite the changing weather elements. In the event you start to see signs of corrosion on your roofing, it means that the non-corrosive agent has worn off before the roof was resealed. It would be best to eliminate the rust and apply a waterproof sealant before the damage can spread further.