Sky High: Repairing and Restoring Your Roof
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Sky High: Repairing and Restoring Your Roof

Welcome to my blog, my name is Daisy. A few years ago, my husband and I purchased an old house which required a lot of work. We spent many weeks gutting the place and installing new flooring, painting the walls and clearing the garage space of junk. However, my favourite part of renovating the house was the roof. I loved climbing onto the roof to inspect the tiles, removing and recycling the broken ones and replacing the gaps with new tiles. I also learnt how to waterproof and maintain our roof so that we can avoid problems in the future. I started this blog to help others who are interested in carrying out restoration or repair work on the roof of their home.


Sky High: Repairing and Restoring Your Roof

Polycarbonate Roofing for Your Patio Roof

Hunter Prescott

One of the most common thermoplastics used in both commercial and residential roofing is polycarbonate roofing. You can recognise these from some greenhouses, roof skylights and some car-sheds. Polycarbonate roofing comes in both transparent and opaque shades. For your patios, polycarbonate roofing may just be the detail that adds that edge to your overall home design. Polycarbonate roofing looks stylish and is also favorable for the outdoor environment. Beyond this, there are more reasons why you should consider this roofing material specifically for your patio roof.

Tough nature

You may have tried to break a DVD and noticed how tough it can be. Now imagine trying to break a stack of them along the diameter. It would be impossible. The DVDs are made from the same material as polycarbonate roofing panels. Polycarbonate roofing panels are tough and do not break easily. This is also why polycarbonate is used to make other substances such as police shields and some bank teller windows. This tough nature is ideal for the outdoors.

Insulating nature

Polycarbonate roofing filters ultraviolet rays from the sun. The panels also prevent the loss off heat to the outside and its penetration inside. For this reason, having polycarbonate roofing for your patio means the sun rays pass normally, but the scorching heat effect is not experienced on your patio. The same insulating principle is applied with people who install polycarbonate panels as the main material for constructing greenhouses.  Newer polycarbonate roofing panels are being manufactured with a layer of clear aerogel infused within the lattice. Aerogel further increases the insulating qualities of the roofing panels. The aerogel-infused polycarbonate panels are also being used for temperature control roofing and siding in many homes.

Resistance to natural factors

For patio roofing and siding, you need material that is not quickly affected by natural forces such as heat, rain or snow. Polycarbonate roofing is naturally resistant to these forces and can last several years before succumbing. When buying polycarbonate roofing panels, observe the warranty duration indicated. In many cases, the longer the warranty period, the better the polycarbonate is at resisting natural forces! Due to their resistant nature, polycarbonate roofing will not fade fast or age over the winter as many patio roofing options.

Despite their slightly expensive cost, it will make more sense to have your patio roof made from polycarbonate roofing. It will look better, feel better and last longer than the cheaper alternatives.